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Local Volunteers With The Cats' Best Interests At Heart

Ginger Cat

We are a group of dedicated volunteers located around Lancaster and Morecambe, whose main aim is to help cats that need our care and find them excellent new homes.


All volunteers have a wealth of experience in cat adoption, have a long-standing relationship with our local veterinary team and can give sound advice on the care of cats and kittens.


We also have volunteers who are experienced with the rehabilitation of cats who need extra attention, whether it be medical or behavioural.


We also assist in the collection of deceased cats from our local area and are available to scan stray or injured cats for microchips to try to find their owners.


All of our cats and kittens have a full vet check, their first vaccinations (at least) and are microchipped. They are flea and worm treated with a veterinary certified product and are neutered if they are old enough. For those adopting kittens, we can advise when to neuter and give advice on where to get a voucher to help with the cost if required.

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